Cultivating Potential at All Levels

Art is all around us. Nature gives us a palette of colors and shapes and endless levels of depth and dimension.

Creating art is an individualized process. Understanding shape, line, texture, form, space, and color, while extending our experiences with the value of color, light, dimension, overlapping, are the main goals of these lessons.

The intent of each lesson is to help children of all ages have an opportunity to explore their creativity through guided instruction. It is our hope, that through our lessons, that the development of individual abilities, through constructive experiences will build confidence and creativity in each child.

Having the freedom to explore your creativity, build upon your imagination,and present the knowledge learned, gives you the opportunity to express yourself through your artwork.It is our hope through sharing these lessons with you, your self-confidence to draw, paint, build, and explore innovative ideas will grow.

Our hope is that you will enjoy the journey through these lessons and come out with an understanding and love of art.

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